Large fluffy soft petal brush for powder application. Suitable for applying loose and compact powder, as well as bronzer. Thanks to the smooth pile the brush evenly picks up any product and finely distributes it on the skin. Only a few strokes of this brush will be enough to distribute the powder on the face.

Cleaning and Washing of Brushes. Brushes should be cleaned before first use. Cleaning brushes is a very important process for any cosmetics user. Brushes for personal use should be cleaned once or twice a week. Makeup artists should clean their brushes after each client. You can clean your brushes with special antibacterial products, cleansing wipes and washing brushes with water. 1) When washing your brushes with water, it is important to make sure that no water gets into the bond between the hair of the brush and the handle. To do this, you need to hold the brush vertically with the hair down or diagonally under the stream of water. The water should be at a comfortable, not hot, temperature. You can use soap or shampoo to wash your brushes. 2) Soap the brush hair, clean it of contamination and rinse thoroughly under running water. Optionally, you can use ribbed brush pads, they will help speed up the cleaning process. Remember! Do not soak your brushes completely in water. Gently squeeze the washed brush and lay it flat to dry on a clean towel or paper towel. Brushes should never be dried with the hair upwards as water can get into the glue of the hair and the handle, which can soon make your brush unusable. Brushes should be dry in 5-7 hours and should be ready to use again. Brushes should not be dried with a hair dryer or heater to speed up drying. Taking care of your brushes will allow them to retain their original appearance and performance for a long time.

NET weight 57 g.
EAN 4811831005821
Pile material: taclone
Material of handle: wood
Brush length: 22 cm
Pile length: 5,4 cm


Pile material: tacloneMaterial of handle: wood

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